It’s In The Bag

Any new mommy knows the importance of a diaper bag. Not only does it act as your travel nursery – holding everything you’ll need for your sweet babe while away from home – but it’s also going to be your purse for the next couple of years (or until you can minimize your travel junk to fit into one of your old purses). 

If you were anything like me pre-baby, then you probably walked around with lots of arm candy. Hey, I was an independent working gal and I loved to treat myself to some of the finer things in life and that just so happened to be costly purses. In retrospect, I now realize I just wasted loads of cash on designer bags to only have them sit in my closet now, but back then, they were touted around town proudly. 

When I found out I was pregnant, I couldn’t wait to find the perfect diaper bag. You know, the one that would fit everything and anything, still looked like a purse and would look great with every outfit (meaning it had to be either black or grey). So the search was on, and just as I was about to settle for a Coach bag, a Petunia Pickle Bottom. I was hooked.

But recently, my diaper bag wasn’t cutting it anymore. I mean, it’s cute and all and carries all the baby essentials (just barely, I’m an over packer), but it was becoming too much to carry around, especially since we were going to the OC Fair and I knew my shoulder wasn’t up for the ache (a trip to the happiest place on earth, aka Disneyland, was the ultimate test). 

You see, the diaper bag I bought from Petunia Pickle Bottom can’t be latched on the stroller. It’s the Sashay Satchel and looks more like a purse than anything (which is why I liked it); but since it doesn’t have a shoulder harness, it can’t be flung over a stroller’s handle bars and it doesn’t work with their stroller clips. As a new mommy, I thought I’d be able to carry it over my shoulders like any of my other purses, even with a few extra items – after all, I was going to be super mom. 


Fast forward nine months and my shoulder can’t handle my overpacked diaper bag, no matter how cute it is. Sure, I’d still use it, but not during long, all-day excursions. It was time to get a new one, despite my husband’s protests.

Here’s my logic why I needed a new one: I used to change my purses with every outfit so why couldn’t I do the same with diaper bags since my regular purses are out of commission (now only used for those once-a-month date nights or any special dates that come up)? And since my diaper bag was now my purse, my reasoning made sense, right?

Fully satisfied with my reasoning, I headed to Nordstrom to pick up a Petunia Pickle Bottom Boxy diaper bag in a print I absolutely loved and a price I couldn’t resist ($125 thanks to the Nordstrom Sale). Like any woman, I went home and immediately tested it out, filling it with junk and posing for my husband. 


Although I was convinced I needed another diaper bag, my husband thought otherwise. He just saw it as extra money spent on something we didn’t need. He argued that we already had my previous diaper bag, in addition to “his” black diaper bag (which he never uses and has now become Mason’s overnight bag for when he visits grandma) and that it was wasted money that could have been used for something else. 

I brushed him off. He obviously didn’t understand the concept that diaper bags are more than just bags for baby stuff – they’re our purses for the time being. Not only do you have to cram in all the extra diapers (I always do more than you should because you never know right?), extra clothes, toys, wipes, food, bottles, etc, but you also have to fit in your own crap. Where else are you going carry your wallet, makeup, keys, phone, etc? Carrying two bags is just too much, so the diaper bag it is! 

All I can say is he’s just lucky I’m not dropping mad cash on seriously expensive diaper bags with price tags in the triple digits! 

So ladies (and gents who might read this), how many diaper bags – ahem “post-baby purses” –  do you own?! 


3 thoughts on “It’s In The Bag

  1. Oh i love this post! Though im beyond the diaper bag days i too was a major diaper bag junkie! First was the boxy backpack, then the touring tote, a black skip hop and my all time fave ( and least functional!) was the petunia Cake Society Satchel. 8 years later i have parted with them all except the original boxy for keepsake.

  2. I was guilty of the same. I had 3 different diaper bags- Fleurville, JuJuBe and finally Skip Hop, and I still have the urge to browse more diaper bags. I never understood the diaper clutch. I do now, it’s so easy, I just stick it in my bag or back pack.

  3. Haha. I had to change the one I listed on my registry for a backpack. I love it! It even has a thermal compartment to store breastmilk or a snack. It wasn’t expensive. I’ve never been into brand name items.

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