Hi, I’m Kristie Bertucci Real – mother, wife and writer. I’m a first-time mom to a beautiful baby boy who stole my heart in October 2013 and wanted a place to rant about my experiences and thoughts on motherhood and all that comes with it. I’m currently a work-from-home mom, writing for magazines, and blogs, a bit of PR, social media and own my own mobile spray tan business, Bronzed Babe.

Motherhood has definitely changed my world for the better, but there are days when I don’t know what the hell I’m doing. I’m sure you probably feel the same and hope you’ll be able to relate to my rants and raves as I try to maneuver through the adventures of motherhood!




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  1. Hi Kristie,

    I’m glad I found your website. I originally contacted you through Fiverr, but I was looking for an experience blogger that could help get a topic picked up by a very promising young singer that is trying to get rid of Bullying in schools and in general. My company motusmediagroup is helping a young singer named Anastasia Richardson get awareness. We’re doing this pro-bono because we believe it’s a great cause that she’s helping.

    Could you help us get this content and the sample video of her music for the anti-bullying initiative picked up by relevant blogs? If there is a cost involved please let me know as we’re building out our list of authoritative bloggers that we can leverage for campaigns.

    If you can this is the content already written for a blog:

    A Musicians Quest To Stop Bullying.

    After months of being bullied from classmates and even her cheerleader squad teammates during here freshman year of high school, Anastasia Richardson discovered peace of mind and respite in music and, more specifically, her voice. During her dark days the Tulsa, OK native didn’t understand why she was the innocent target of such venomous vitriol. As the bullying intensified and became more frequent, Anastasia’s inner voice and sense of personal strength had to kick into survival mode. Still, she found it necessary to express her pain online with the Facebook post, “I wish the bullying would stop!” At this point, her parents became suddenly aware of the grave nature of the bullying and in short order were at Anastasia’s high school to draw a line in the sand. The bullying must stop!

    During her trial by fire, Anastasia learned that she could use her voice to speak up against the bullies. Today, as an eighteen year old senior, she is doing more than speaking up. She started her own anti-bullying campaign called “No, Not Me.” Anastasia message was simple yet powerful, “I will not be bullied and I will not let others suffer the same fate. It’s time we give victims a voice.”

    Now empowered with her mission, Anastasia wants to change the world with her music. She wrote two special songs, “I Am Beautiful” and “Where Would We Be” which are featured on her debut album, “I Am Beautiful.” The album is available through several digital stores like iTunes, Amazon, and other music outlets. Copies of “I Am Beautiful” are also now available at Best Buy and very soon at other music retailers.

    Please join Anastasia Richardson in her journey and quest for a more loving world! Have a look at her self-made video below and please share it with your friends using the buttons below.

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