I’ve wanted to write this post for months. However, every time I started typing, I had no idea what to write – or really how to start. But today is the day (obviously). Why? I’m not sure. I’m nine months into motherhood and have loads I’d like to share about my journey and I’m sure I’ll have lots more of adventures in the coming years as I raise my son with my loving husband.

Today just felt right to finally start this thing! Maybe it’s because I had my very first “mom group” thing with a bunch of fellow mommies I met at Gymboree (I’ve been on a search for mom friends for quite a while, but more on that later). Or maybe it’s just that my mind has been pondering all the different posts I’d like to write and it finally pushed me to the edge to finally do something about it.

I’ve thought long and hard on my blog’s name. At first I wanted something like the Rookie Mom Chronicles, but soon discovered something like that already existed on the web. I finally chose “The Real Mom Chronicles” because my last name (married) is Real (pronounced Re-al, meaning “royal” in Spanish) so a play on my name felt right. So whatever way you pronounce it, real or Real, this is my personal mom chronicles – my own thoughts and experiences on motherhood and the wonderful journey and adventures that I’ll be having with my family.

Welcome and I hope you enjoy reading my little corner of the Internet!